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GRAND RAPIDS – Despite recent NAFTA renegotiation talks between Mexico, Canada and the U.S., trilateral trade between these three countries increased by 6.5% in 2017. Canada and Mexico continue to be Michigan’s top trading partners respectively, accounting for more than 70% of Michigan’s global trade.

It is critical for businesses buying or selling to/from Canada or Mexico to take full advantage of qualifying goods for preferential duty treatment under NAFTA to save your company and/or your customer’s duties and taxes. To do this it is important to understand what qualifies for NAFTA and the compliance risk associated with certifying your products.

Join us for this full-day seminar for a NAFTA update and to learn the NAFTA qualification process for goods and gain a clear understanding of the rules, regulations, and best practices for implementation.

Topics Include:

  • NAFTA Update
  • NAFTA Definitions & Responsibilities
  • How to Fill Out a Certificate of Origin
  • Qualifying Goods Using NAFTA Rules of Origin
  • Tariff Shift
  • Regional Value Content
  • Supplier Solicitation Process
  • NAFTA Compliance
Sponsored by:

Guest Speaker:

Paul Vandevert, International Trade Lawyer & Principal

OCHIM Trade Law, PLC


Mr. Vandevert has been practicing international trade law for more than 30 years. After 23+ years as in-house trade counsel at General Motors and Ford Motor Company, Paul founded OCHIM Trade Law PLC, a law firm dedicated to delivering international trade legal solutions to companies of all sizes with global operations and those entering or expanding into global markets, particularly those companies based in Michigan and the Midwest. Mr. Vandevert advises and supports clients on all aspects of complying with the import and export laws and regulations of countries around the world.




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