ROYAL OAK – Michigan Science Center Tonya Matthews, PhD, who just got out the tropics ahead of Hurricane Harvey, joins M2 TechCast co-hosts Mike Brennan and Matt Roush to talk about a cool new exhibit coming to the Center in October. It’s called “1001 Inventions, a Golden Age of Innovation.” The highly interactive exhibition focuses on a thousand years of innovation that was taking place in the Middle East when Europe was in the Dark Ages. It’s been to more than 30 countries and Detroit is only the fourth to host the exhibition. The exhibit opens October 7 and runs through January.

Through more than 60 interactive exhibits, short films, live science shows, hands-on workshops and learning resources, MiSci visitors will be introduced to the golden age of Muslim Civilization, a time when men and women of different languages, faiths and cultures worked together in harmony, building upon knowledge of ancient civilizations and achieving breakthroughs that still influence our world today.

1001 Inventions is designed to inspire curiosity, creativity and innovation among the next generation to support a growing STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) economy. The exhibition provides exciting learning opportunities while promoting intercultural understanding and fostering mutual understanding and social inclusion.

Today’s Golden Age – The pace of technological innovation has accelerated rapidly during the last century, particularly in the last few decades, and this exhibit is the perfect opportunity to engage in a variety of dialogues around this question: Are we living through another golden age of scientific discovery right now, both in the Greater Detroit Area, and as a global society?

There is a strong case to be made that the Detroit area is one of the current epicenters of innovation in a variety of fields, making the rapid progress of the last few years possible, advancing entrepreneurship and prosperity despite a legacy of long-term challenges. The engine at the core of Detroit’s identity, including industry, the arts, social progress or technology, has been innovation. The things that give us all pride in our city – hard work, curiosity, ambition, and the drive to go beyond our own expectations – were also hallmarks of the successes of Muslim Civilization during the Golden Age.

Making STEM Accessible for All Communities – MiSci is honored to be a part of Detroit’s resurgence over the last few years, and we are eager to take this opportunity to attract museum visitors from all over Michigan, the entire Midwest region, and in Canada. We’re focused on enriching all children and all communities with STEM in an understandable, empowering, and occasionally jaw-dropping way that reveals the cool relevance of STEM; and this means making our programs and experiences accessible for all children.

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