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Cannabusiness Seminar, Securatech, Griffin Secure Transport, Sensi Park Update

ROYAL OAK - On M2 Techcast Sept. 16, Attorney Travis Coperhaver from the Cannabis Legal Group will highlight their upcoming seminar “Cultivating A Successful Cannabusiness.” Rudy Patros Sr., owner of Securatech, will discuss setting up a secure grow facility. Gene Simon, owner of Griffin Secure Transport, provides details on his Cannabis transportation business. Steven Bratic

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Backstage Capital, Great Lakes Women’s Business Conference, Pros And Cons Of Open Source Software

ROYAL OAK - On M2 Techcast Sept. 9 - Now MITech TV - Monica Wheat, Managing Director Backstage Capital, updates progress at her accelerator. Michelle Richards, Executive Director Great Lakes Women’s Business Council, provides details on her September conference. Russell Gelvin, an Attorney for Traverse Legal, will talks about the pros and cons of using

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C3 Industries, Detroit FinTech Bay, MIVideoStudio, LTU Update

ROYAL OAK - On M2 Techcast Aug. 26, Joel Ruggiero, co-founder and chief horticulturist of C3 Industries, will announce 20 cannabis dispensaries statewide. Maissan Almaskati, chief executive officer of the FinTech Consortium in the United States, will explain the partnership with TechTown. David Simon, co-founder of MIVideoStudio.Com, explains how the Video-as-a-Service platform allows clients to

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MITechNews TV: Network Security, Tech248 Update, Detroit Entrepreneur Report

ROYAL OAK - On MITechNews TV Aug. 12, Caston Thomas, co-host of the Internet Advisor, talks about the new approach to network security. Greg Doyle, Manager of Tech248, updates upcoming events. Emily Heintz, from EntryPoint, provides findings from the Detroit Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Report. M2 Techcast is live Monday’s from 2 to 3 pm. To listen, click. To

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Cannabis Business Update: Bratic Grow Lights, ABKO Labs, CannaBiz Connection, Benzinga Cannabis Conference

ROYAL OAK - M2 Techcast Monday Aug. 5 features four cannabis businesses. Stevan Bratic, Managing Director of Bratic Enterprises, highlights his grow lights. Amy Brown, Co-Founder of ABKO Labs, explains how her company tests Marijuana for safety and potency. Jamie Cooper CEO of Cannabiz Connection, explains how here company provides marketing and business consulting to

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BuyMichiganNow, Accelerate Michigan, Cyber Threats, Lt. Gov. Gilchrist

ROYAL OAK - On M2 Techcast Jan. 29, Lisa Diggs updates her BuyMichiganNow Festival Aug. 2-4 in Northville. Tember Shea from Invest Detroit Ventures will talk about Hacker Fellows and the Accelerate Michigan competition. Richard Stiennon updates the latest cyber security threats and his book tour. While Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist will discuss his new

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Finally, We’re In TV Studio With ITInTheD, Intecells, AccelerateKID, Xfinity Mobile

ROYAL OAK - On MITechNews TV, ITInTheD’s Dave Phillips will kick off our first show in the new TV studio. Xiaohong Gayden, CEO of Intecells, will discuss a new round of funding and strategic partner for his lithium-ion battery company. Thanh Tran from AccelerateKID will talk about a new book to help K-12 Educators teach

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M2 Techcast TV – Experts Explore Setting Up Cannabis Businesses

ROYAL OAK - On M2 Techcast TV July 15, Anthony Sabatella, president of THC123, will discuss HR for Marijuana Microbusinesses. Roberta King, Owner of Canna Communications, will explain the PR essentials for Cannabis Microbusinesses. Scott Roberts Principal at Scott F. Roberts Law Group, will talk about basic requirements and restrictions applicable to the microbusiness license.

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M2 Techcast Goes Video With KLA Ann Arbor, Altimetrik, Metro Wireless, Airfoil Group

ROYAL OAK - M2 Techcast, our Internet radio show, becomes an Internet TV show July 8. Our first video interviews will be with John McLaughlin, KLA Ann Arbor Lead, Jacob Even Smith, Partnership Manager, Altimetrik, Dominic Serra, President Metro Wireless, and Lisa Vallee-Smith, CEO Airfoil Group. M2 Techcast is heard live Monday’s from 2 to

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Traverse Legal Opens Detroit Office To Connect With Autonomous Vehicle Companies

ROYAL OAK - What do tech companies, particularly tech startups, need to know about all those legal documents that need to be filed if they want to woo investors someday? The answers are in this podcast with Traverse Legal Principal Enrico Schaefer. https://soundcloud.com/mike-brennan-841872555/e175-enrico-schaefer-tech-law-update

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